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3 Ways To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Here is a list of ways you can help keep your home cool this summer without breaking the bank or cranking the AC.

  • Keep Your Blinds and Curtains Closed

By minimizing the amount of direct sunlight a room receives, you can lower the temperature in the room without turning on the AC. Keeping your curtains drawn will prevent the sun’s rays from heating up a room in the day. 

  • Check the direction of your ceiling fans.

Did you know ceiling fans have 2 modes? One for cooling and one for forcing warm air down. During the warmer months, you’ll want to make sure your fan is set to spin counter-clockwise. 

  • Switch energy-efficient LED light bulbs

Iridescent and fluorescent bulbs provide heat so by switching to LED bulbs, which don’t produce heat, you’ll be saving energy and keeping your home cool at the same time. 


Beat the Texas heat this summer and call Walker Homes for any features or remodels you want to incorporate into your home this summer.

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