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The 4 Most Popular Architectural Styles

 As we mentioned in our previous blog, there are many factors to consider when choosing an architecture style for your custom home. This month, we are showing you some of the most popular styles to make choosing the style for your dream custom home easier. 


Colonial Homes are one of the most popular architectural styles in the US. This style of home is known for having an overall rectangular shape, with signature interior features like wood floors, grand entrance halls, and having the bedrooms on the second or third floor of the house. The Colonial style is more of an umbrella term for other styles as well like Cape Cod, French Colonial, and Spanish Colonial styles.

Tudor Homes are known for their European origin and style. Tudor style homes have a more signature exterior design with brickwork and gable roofs and exposed wood lining the exterior of the home. This style is seen more as a “cottage” type home due to its wood- beamed ceilings and elaborate fireplaces inside. 

Modern Farm Houses are known to combine practical elements like white walls and simplistic floor plans, with rustic materials like wooden beams and wrought-iron hardware. Originally designed for a more rustic setting, today many homeowners have made their home in this style with lofted spaces and wood floors to make the typical farmhouse exterior have a more sleek feel. 

Craftsman Homes are more artisanal in nature with spacious front porches featuring exposed rafters and support columns. Their signature cozy interior most commonly has an open-floor plan with square windows, highlighted with lower ceilings and ornate fireplaces. 


Choosing the architectural style of your home is one of the most important decisions to be made in the custom home building process. Though these are the most common styles, there are still many more to choose from and even more options to customize the architectural style of your home to your preferences. Tune in next month for tips on how to customize your custom home and make it truly yours. 

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