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Design Build Package

Why a Design Build Package?

The design build package holds significant importance in construction projects as it serves as a comprehensive collection of vital determinations necessary for Walker Custom Homes to accurately quote the project. By consolidating essential information, we can provide you with an exact price based on meticulous assessments. Respected general contractors consistently require detailed architectural plans, engineering data, and comprehensive design materials and schematics as part of the bid package submission. As such, the costs associated with this process are not only expected but also directly relevant to the success of your project.

4 Stages of a Design Build Package

Architectural and Engineering Plans – Guided by Walker Custom Homes

Navigating the intricacies of architectural and engineering plans and design can be a multifaceted journey, but fear not, for Walker Custom Homes is here to accompany you every step of the way. Through collaborative brainstorming and open communication, we strive to make the design process both enjoyable and stress-free while ensuring timely progress.

When it comes to the technical aspects, rest assured that our team will expertly handle everything from slabs and beams to frames. Engaging an engineer is a mandatory requirement in most cities and municipalities, but beyond compliance, it is also a pivotal element that instills peace of mind for every valued customer. Knowing that your project is backed by sound engineering expertise further reinforces the assurance of a successful and durable outcome.

Expert Designer/Decorator and Thoughtful Selections – A Cornerstone of Walker Custom Homes

At Walker Custom Homes, we take great pride in delivering a truly exceptional experience to our customers. As part of our commitment to excellence, we provide the services of a dedicated interior designer who collaborates closely with each client. The invaluable knowledge and experience of our designer play a pivotal role in the overall process, ensuring a seamless journey from conception to completion.

Our skilled designer takes the time to inform customers about all available choices that can influence the construction process. By doing so, we proactively prevent potential mistakes and minimize disruptions later on, ultimately saving our customers valuable time and undue stress.

To further enhance clarity and precision, our designers incorporate detailed diagrams. These visual aids are indispensable during the construction process as they significantly reduce the likelihood of errors and, in turn, spare our customers from unnecessary headaches. Embracing the power of thoughtful selections and meticulous planning, we create spaces that epitomize both beauty and functionality, elevating the overall quality of our custom homes and remodels.

Trade Partner Meeting – Collaborative Excellence

To ensure utmost precision and cost-effectiveness, Walker Custom Homes facilitates a meeting between our representatives and our esteemed trade partners. During this session, we meticulously review the plans, schematics, scopes of work, and design selections. This collaborative effort enables us to provide you with accurate and economical pricing, ensuring that every aspect of your project is meticulously considered.

Estimate/Contract Presentation – A Milestone Achievement!

Congratulations on completing your part in the process! With all the essential information now at hand, Walker Custom Homes is fully equipped to present you with a comprehensive contract price tailored specifically to your project. Our contract presentation offers you an exciting opportunity to delve deeper into the project details. We discuss vital aspects, such as scheduling and communication processes, and address any questions or concerns you may have. Your input and satisfaction are paramount to us, and we strive to ensure that every element aligns perfectly with your vision. Together, we’ll lay the foundation for a successful and gratifying construction journey.


Any reputable contractor will require plans, engineering, and design materials for their project. The cost associated with the design build package process is an expense that is expected and relevant to your project. Therefore, you will not incur any additional expense with the design build package process.