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7 Colors Kitchen Cabinets

As we have said before, we believe the most important room in the home, is the kitchen, an do to its importance, it can be an overwhelming space to decorate. With multiple purposes from cooking and hosting to eating kitchens must be soothing, stylish, clean, and comforting, which leads many homeowners, by default, to the “safe” all-white kitchen. But, some designers are predicting a sea change, with more homeowners opting to spice things up with everything from bold, dramatic shades to new takes on neutrals. And where’s the easiest place to bring a game-changing dose of color to the kitchen? The cabinets. Here are seven on-the-rise shades we’re currently obsessed with for kitchen cabinets.

1. Navy Blue

While this blue was recently crowned the Color of the Year by trend forecasters at Sherwin-Williams, it’s gaining particular attention as a go-to hue for kitchens. As more homeowners lean toward moodier hues, navy is a solid entry point: It’s traditional and timeless, creating a sophisticated look that will remain forever tasteful when used in interior decor and just as neutral as white or gray in that it pairs well with a variety of colors, textures, and styles, but brings a little more drama and interest to the table than your average greige

2. Sage Green

Back in 2018, earthy hues started making their meteoric rise in the design world. Soon after, this subdued gray-green solidified itself as a go-to neutral for homeowners. Sage Green is a soft muted color with gray undertones that makes it a perfect updated neutral. It works with the raw woods and rich metals that we have been loving for that modern organic vibe. And trend experts seem to believe that earthy greens are here to stay.

3. Matte Black

It might seem a bold choice, but black-and-white is becoming as mainstream a color combo in the kitchen as, well, white and white. Add a bit of sophistication with black cabinetry. A rich, quality coat of paint will do wonders to elevate the look of the room. The secret is in the high contrast, which adds a “wow” factor to even the most basic of kitchens. To pull off the look, make sure to maintain an equal balance between the two hues, with black cladding the lower cabinetry and island (for example) and bright whites reserved for the kitchen’s upper half. Adding warm woods to the mix tones down the color duo’s modern vibe.

4. Barely Blue

If you’re among those who find it hard to part with the familiarity and timelessness of an all-white kitchen, meet the match that might just pull you out of your comfort zone. Pale blues are perfect gateways to pigment for the color averse, not only because they deliver the same clean and crisp vibe of their neutral counterparts, but also because of their psychological benefits the color blue makes people feel cool, calm, and collected, the perfect vibe for hardworking kitchens..

5. Blush Pink

Maybe it’s in response to the decade’s obsession with Millennial Pink or despite it, but rosy hues don’t seem to be going anywhere soon. This year, no less than two paint brands have declared variations of blush their ultimate colors of the year for 2020 a soft pink hue with apricot influences for Sherwin-Williams, dubbed Romance, and an uplifting “new neutral” from Benjamin Moore named First Light. Thanks to its lightness and versatility, blush is an easy replacement for anywhere you’d naturally gravitate toward beige or white, including in the kitchen. The difference is it brings in a dose of color that can take a space from basic to beautiful in an instant.

6. Light Gray

Something about grey works just perfectly for kitchens. The color teeters between a relaxing neutrality and an exciting warmth, managing to provide the best of both worlds. When most homeowners go for monochromatic in the kitchen, they’ll opt for a timeless bright white. But trend experts have long surmised that soft grays will soon overtake the ever-popular paint shade as the de facto neutral, they could be right. According to home remodeling site, Houzz, light, versatile grays are on the rise in kitchens, perhaps in response to the growing popularity of moodier hues.

7. Peacock Blue

Peacock colors like this deep, rich turquoise are a trend right now. Jewel tones are having a serious moment. From ruby and emerald to sapphire and citrine, these rich, saturated shades can make a dramatic statement as an accent wall or bring just the right amount of colorful flair when used in smaller doses. Peacock, a deeper version of turquoise that’s stylish yet soothing (it’s reminiscent of the sea, after all). Pair it with bright white in a two-toned kitchen, to transform your cooking space into an instant gem.

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