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Taking a renovation into your own hands may seem like a great idea, but is it realistic? It’s the question every handy homeowner getting ready to embark on a renovation asks themselves: How much can I do myself? If you’re willing to get your hands dirty, and you are looking for some inspiration for what improvements you can easily do at home we have some ideas for you.

Paint the Front Door

The front door is usually the first thing people see when entering your home. Make a great impression with a bright, welcoming front door color. It’s so easy to do.

Accent Wall

Accent walls are back in a big way, and they are better than ever. By blending color, texture, and tone, you can create an epic space that becomes the centerpiece of any room.

Kitchen Cabinets DIY

Tired of the way your kitchen looks? Changing the color, hardware or door style of your existing cabinets transforms the appearance without busting the budget.

Upgrade Concrete With a Tile Stencil

Has your concrete patio seen better days? You could cover it with an outdoor rug or try this long-lasting DIY. With a can of concrete stain, a plastic stencil, a high-quality stencil brush and a few hours of work, you can transform the look of a porch, sidewalk or patio with a stylish, custom tile design.

Remove a Popcorn Ceiling

Do you hate the look of your popcorn ceilings? Not only are they unsightly, but they’re also unsanitary. Luckily, they’re easily removed with the help of a wet/dry vac and a drywall knife. Note: If your home was built before 1979, test for lead and asbestos before starting this project.

DIY Sliding Barn Door:

Turn any door into a unique statement piece by taking it off the hinges and installing it on a sliding barn door track.

Paint a Room:

Painting a room is a popular project for beginning DIYers and veteran renovators alike. After all, it’s pretty painless, relatively inexpensive, and should something go wrong, easy to fix.

You are renovating because you want your house to look more beautiful and feel more comfortable. Consider your home renovation plan as a business plan or as your special project you are starting from scratch.

DIY can go wrong when you attempt a project beyond the scope of your abilities. You don’t simply risk something being completed incorrectly, but also losing time, money or potentially injuring yourself. If your projects start as D-I-Why-Not and turn into D-I-Why-Did-I-Do-This, it doesn’t mean you should never attempt things yourself. However, you probably need to plan differently and follow these professional guidelines.

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