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Fireplaces 2020

Many of us get excited when the weather starts to turn and you wake up to crisp fall mornings, thinking about the approaching holidays and your favorite winter activities, like reading a book in front of a fireplace or enjoy family gathering around it. Fireplaces have always been a delight no matter the time of year, a fireplace is a beautiful and cozy addition to any space – commercial or residential. The most popular fireplace designs can create a gorgeous centerpiece to a room or a breathtaking division between areas. They are now more versatile than ever since you can choose from beautiful fireplaces fueled by gas, wood, or electricity.

Linear Fireplaces

Is one of the most sought-after fireplace designs of 2020. Once you’ve seen one of these modern gas fireplaces light up a room, it’s easy to understand why their clean, sharp edges are so trendy. This modern fireplace style is often surrounded by marble, tile, or stone, can be designed as a classic single-sided piece or a see-through tunnel.

While the linear fireplace trend is popular with gas fireplaces, some are even updating a more traditional wood-burning fireplace with sleek, modern finishes. Think solid veneer or the use of monochromatic elements like all-white marble and tile surrounding the hearth for a linear look.

Dramatic Wall

We love all the smooth fireplaces we’re seeing lately! It’s no fuss, clean and, makes a simple, but big statement.

Along with the linear trend, you’ll see big fireplace walls. The hearth and finishings will take up a floor-to-ceiling expanse and be a wall in and of itself. It’s a bold, elegant look that is quite dramatic.

Three-Sided Corner 

The three-sided corner unit, or ‘peninsula fireplace’, has a clean, modern look and offers unique views from every angle. It can act as a slight screen to separate two rooms or it can be incorporated into a wall. Especially as more and more homes are embracing an open floor plan, expect to see many corner fireplaces. The open floor plan (and often modern, linear look) lends itself to corner fireplaces so you can enjoy the warmth and the view almost anywhere in the room.

his is especially popular with gas fireplaces as it’s easy to install a gas fireplace in interior rooms where a fireplace didn’t exist before.

Architects and designers love it because it can add an element of warmth and coziness without sacrificing open space.

Super Size

Another fireplace trend that’s not going away any time soon is a larger hearth opening. Not only does it convey elegance and prestige (“Look how big that fireplace is!”) it adds so much warmth, both literally and figuratively, to the room. It’s an eye-catching and dramatic look, especially when framed with lighter stonework to highlight the large, dark shape.

Traditionally gas fireplaces have been rectangular in shape but in recent years have expanded to become squarer. In 2020 if you don’t go long and linear you will go large and square. And for good reason, nothing compares to the awe-inspiring view of a fire dancing.

Open gas fireplaces

An open gas fireplace is a great option for architects, designers, and homeowners who are looking for a unique and modern feel for their fireplace. Having an open gas fireplace provides an extremely open view and allows the fireplace hearth to run all the way to the burner – a very clean look. They are classed as decorative items, and although they do give out heat, it is much less intense than the heat from glass-enclosed fireplaces (which can be too much for well-insulated spaces). Open gas fires also allow much more flexibility in design as well so you can really have the fireplace of your dreams.

Suspended / hanging fireplaces

Suspended or hanging fireplaces are going to be one of the biggest fireplace trends this year. A suspended fireplace is usually seen in industrial, contemporary, and modern interiors because of its design. Suspended fireplaces have a canopy hung from the ceiling which houses the extraction equipment and connects to the flue/chimney, and then a separate base containing the burner. The base can be clad in stone, or even leather for a real luxury finish. Hanging fireplaces provide your space with a real wow factor as you get a unique focal feature. We predict that glass canopies will be popular this year as they keep the view of the room open. An ideal solution when knocking through walls to create a large open space as the design maintains the light flow whilst providing a natural and subtle break up of the space.

Suspended from a ceiling hanging fireplaces are created in various shapes, like oysters, helmets, or flying saucers. Hanging fireplace design ideas are very original, stunning, and extravagant.

Outdoor fireplaces

Outdoor fires are growing in popularity and we see this as a major fireplace trend for this year. As more homeowners seek to bring the indoors to the outdoors, fireplaces are becoming an even hotter commodity — literally and figuratively. Outdoor features such as fireplaces and fire pits not only add ambiance to an outdoor space but also provide heat and light that allows you to use your deck or patio later into the evening for more of the year. The outdoor fireplace market has opened up from just the traditional wood fireplaces and stoves to natural gas fire pits, fire tables, and line fires.

Is a smart and stylish way to warm up your patio to extend the days you can enjoy your outdoor living.

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