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How to incorporate more storage into your custom home design

When clutter starts to build up around your home, finding enough storage space can feel like an uphill battle. Clutter can pile up even in the most organized homes, but it tends to be much easier to stay organized when everything has a place. When you get the chance to build your own custom home or remodel your current space, you have the opportunity to ensure that there is plenty of storage space available for your family’s specific needs. Here are some ideas on how to incorporate more storage into your custom home design:

Room or Attic Truss Above the Garage

The space above the garage is often overlooked, but it is a smart solution for adding more storage space to your home. An attic or room truss is a type of roof truss that is built specifically with an open space in the center to make a living space. This space can easily be turned into a residential room, like a loft, or it can be used for-you guessed it-extra storage space.

Planning for this type of space during the custom home design process ensures the room truss flooring/garage ceiling is reinforced and built to handle the weight of whatever you plan to store in the space. It also allows you to meet any building codes required upfront for this space to be considered a bedroom should you ever want to use it that way.

Expanding the Garage

Another option for incorporating more storage into your home is to expand the garage. When you build a home, you get the chance to design a custom layout that works for you. So, if you know you want to have a place to park two cars along with space for a workshop and some extra storage, for example, you can expand the garage to ensure you have enough room.

Some homeowners even opt for an attached garage and a detached garage to ensure they have a space for their vehicles, as well as a space that is dedicated to storage. You can even opt for two attached garages that are on separate ends of the home – one for vehicles and one for storage. Once you have the garage space you need, putting some helpful organization systems in place can help you maximize the space.

Large Mudroom

An increasingly popular idea for increasing the storage capacity in your custom home is to add or include a large mudroom. It’s not only a contained drop zone for bulky items such as backpacks and sports equipment- it can also include the extra storage space for which your family is looking.

Consider including benches with built-in cabinets, hooks, storage cubes, or lockers when outfitting your mudroom, as these built-in storage systems can help you keep clutter contained while also providing plenty of extra space.

Laundry Room

A washer and dryer in a laundry closet or small room is sometimes the only option, but a dedicated laundry room ensures enough space for appliances while also providing extra space for storage. Depending on how much space you allot, you can easily incorporate a row of storage cabinets or shelving options in the laundry room to maximize the function of this space.

Large Closets

Closets are the quintessential storage areas, so when you’re planning out your custom home design, be sure to allocate additional space to the closets. When deciding what kind of storage options you are looking to include in your closet, consider items that you need access to more often, and save the seasonal items for the attic or garage.

Interior Storage Details

Adding interior storage, such as shelves and cabinets in your living or dining room, can help you make the most of the space in your home, especially units that are built around something like a nook or a fireplace. Built-in shelves are perfect for a home office or library, but can also be a great option for an attic.

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