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Modernize Your Home To Fit Your Life

Ensure your home is ready to take on your life. Keeping your home updated and modern is important not only for you and your family, but for the future value of your home. The days are long, but the years are short – before you know it, the kids are grown, and your house needs some major updating. Ensuring your home is suited for all stages of life will be a major plus as your home sees you through life’s many changes. 

Here are 3 proven ways to future-proof your home:  


Architectural Details – Ensure the look of your home is timeless by adding architectural details. Features like built-in shelving and cute window nooks will not only keep your home modern and chic, but will also ensure you have the personalized storage space you’ll need.  


Paint – A fresh coat of paint will do wonders on the look and feel of your home. A bright crisp white, or a calm tranquil sage green will modernize the design of your home, plus adding a thick top coat to your paint job can save your walls from any future scratches or chips.


Safety Features – It’s easy to overlook important safety features when you’re building your custom home. Features like high chain locks on your doors and railings on your staircase will ensure you have stability and security as you continue to grow your family and go about your home everyday.


As the years go by and the trends keep changing, it is important for your home to stay up to date while still being customized to your preferences and needs. Ensuring your home is classically updated will not only be beneficial with life’s changes, but also in the value of your home should you decide to sell your home in the future.


Here at Walker Custom Homes we’ll guide you through incorporating these features into your home. Click below to call us today!

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