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Texas Home Design Trends for 2021


Many people are moving to and building their homes in Texas. Whether you’re a born-and-bred Texan or a recent transplant, you want your home to look its best in every manner possible. Check out these home design trends before you build your Texas-dream house in 2021.


Open Floors-Plans Are Still the Name of the Game

n the 21st century, the concept of open floor plans started to take off, and soon became the norm for modern housing projects as they offered seamless flow and transition from one room to another and encouraged social interactions among the inhabitants of the house. Last year, our homes began to serve as the headquarters for work and school, and families spent more time together than perhaps ever before. Design professionals, psychologists, and anyone who’d had at least one Zoom mishap (which is all of us!) wondered if the much-beloved open floor plan was officially over. Luckily, that is not the case, as we still see clearly the benefits and importance of open floor plans.

Open floor plans involve two rooms joined into one in such a manner that they retain their intrinsic features. A dining room and kitchen might not have a partition or wall separating them, but they are still designed in such a way to maintain their unique characteristics and functions while enabling household members to interact


Formal Dining

Dining rooms of late have been on the informal side as some social gatherings are more relaxed, calling for a casual setting that is both easy-going and unruffled. Lately, however, designers are seeing just the opposite trend arise. For many, there’s nothing like an elegant room for special occasions and fancy dinners to give your home a new level of sophistication.

Formal dining rooms are a place to connect intimately over food and fine wine with friends and family. Homeowners are now open to designing a more cosmopolitan dining space that involves eye-catching lighting arrangements, bold colors, and immersive artwork,among other things, bringing in that “WOW!” factor.

Built-in Seating

Built-in Seating South Texas is chalk-full of natural beauty, and many home-owners are opting for a window-side perch with a cozy seating facility to take in the views.

This seating facility not only adds character to the room, but it can also be an excellent space-saving technique. You’re not consuming any area, but are adding seating to a spot which might otherwise have been vacant.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to built-in seating design, and designers expect more people to adopt this trend in 2021.

Designers expect more people to adopt built-in seating in their houses in 2021.


Amazing Landscape

The outdoor living area is just as important as the indoor one, an attitude that came to light as many Americans spent two or more hours a day outside gardening during the pandemic. Gardening wasn’t the only outdoor activity that increased over the last year. Outdoor living trends also accelerated dramatically as homeowners opted to bring the outdoors in (and the indoors out!) with patio and deck renovations, outdoor kitchens, and expansive windows. As a result, many homeowners have a separate blueprint in place for an outdoor space, or how to go about creating one.

In 2021, the movement is expected to even intensify. The foundation of a welcoming landscape is a covering, which can be with natural grasses or artificial ones. To accompany the coverings, evenly spread trees, gardens, bushes, and shrubs are also important elements in modern outdoor settings, while lighting keeps kids and pets safe while enjoying the outdoors.


Tiled Bathtub Aprons, Additional Seating, and Floating Vanities

Tile can transform the bathroom at a minimal cost and in 2020, more people were requesting tiled aprons for their bathtubs.

Homebuyers are also looking for seating arrangements inside their bathrooms to use after they’re done with their nighttime skincare routine, while putting on makeup, or to simply relax.

Floating vanities are also an excellent addition that are both minimalist and contemporary. Not to mention- they free up floor space, too!


Roof Overhangs

Capping off this list are roofing arrangements, and roof overhangs are BACK in 2021. This is an especially important development in the South Texas climate that ranges from semiarid for a few months to extremely wet in others.

Overhangs are meant to provide shade to the windows, and a hipped roof with wider overhangs is usually best to fight that Texas heat. Our area also receives a comparatively higher amount of rain, and overhangs can aid in rain harvesting, too!

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