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Timeless Tiles

Whether for future sale or your own personal enjoyment, you’re determined to freshen up your home. Like many homeowners, however, time and budget constraints limit the extent to which you can transform your interior aesthetic. A simple tile update could be the solution, but you need a versatile look that complements your evolving home.

New tile can instantly change the look and feel of any room – particularly those that may seem hopelessly out of date. Instead of opting for a flash-in-the-pan tile trend that will be old news within a year, consider trying for one of these stylish, yet classic looks:


Burnt orange and mustard yellows dominated homes designed and constructed during the 1970s. Today, however, they feel dated, without quite holding the appeal of vintage. The same is true of neons and pastels; although trendy at times, such colors can quickly go out of style, leaving homeowners with interior decor they’re desperate to change just a few short years after installation.

This familiar problem can be best avoided by opting for neutral hues. White and grey hold appeal for larger spaces, while elements of black provide structure. Easily matched, neutrals can also allow homeowners to update their interior in waves versus all at once.

There is no need to avoid bright colors altogether, though. Bursts of color can add interest to a room without feeling overwhelming. A throw pillow, lampshade, or painting is a less-risky approach of incorporating color. Neutral tile provides the ultimate opportunity to incorporate these small flashes of color as you see fit without suffering buyer’s remorse.

In addition to providing ample opportunity to promote pops of color, overarching neutral themes also encourage exploration with texture. Subtle textural elements feel more sophisticated than brash hues and are therefore more likely to remain in style.

From minimalism to eclectic and even rustic, neutral tile complements all styles. No matter how trends evolve, neutrals will always provide a perfect backdrop.


Synthetic materials can be affordable, but they rarely provide the structural and stylistic durability of their natural counterparts. Stone is virtually guaranteed to stand the test of time and is certainly a sophisticated choice. From outdoor patio tile to decorative tile for your entryway, you will never regret investing in long-lasting, beautiful stone. Italian stone tile is particularly gorgeous; extracted from quarries and precisely cut and polished, Italian stone tile features prominently every year at Marmomac in Verona, Italy.

One of the greatest benefits of natural materials such as stone tile? Versatility. Nothing says glamor quite like Italian stone, and nothing says tough like granite. Textured granite captures the best of recent texture tile trends, while still offering the classic appeal of stone.


You love the classic look, but also want to experiment with contemporary aesthetics. Why not combine the best of both worlds by adding an edgy element to a familiar design? For example, subway tiles have long been a mainstay for kitchen and bathroom backsplashes, but you’re ready for something new. Instead of sticking with the expected for your backsplash, give a herringbone pattern a try, and see how this updated pattern can lend your kitchen a unique focal point. You’ll emerge with a tile design that can easily stand the test of time, while still capturing the best of modern style. Chevron flooring also provides a fresh feel.

Another example: mosaic tiles, which are once again re-emerging following a long-held preference for large-format tiles. Long regarded as sophisticated, mosaics offer ample opportunities for personalization. Modern mosaics, for example, feature unique geometric elements. The right color and pattern can prompt bold, artistic designs – especially for a mosaic backsplash. Mosaic provides the perfect middle ground between trendy and timeless.


White tile holds many advantages over other hues. It visually expands rooms of all sizes and can match virtually any cabinet, countertop, or decor color. A timeless color choice, white never goes out of style.

Although matte tiles currently hold favor among many designers, gloss adds further elevation to white tiles, as gloss implies luxury. A white, glossy bathroom can feel large, airy, and glamorous, even if, in reality, it’s not as large as one may hope. The right color and gloss can positively alter perception. A little gloss could create the exact experience you desire, no matter the reality of your home’s construction.

From white gloss to matte grey, a variety of options allow you to express yourself through the tile. Whether incorporated via flooring or backsplash, a few minor tile updates can instantly transform your home.

As you choose a tile design, think not only of current trends but also of the longevity of each option. The sweet spot? A look that exemplifies both contemporary and classic style.

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